Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Roleplaying CV

More and more I get asked which systems I have played/GMed, and to be honest I struggle to remember. I'd like to say that it was because I have played so many (and I have played a few), but really it's because I have been playing for over 25 years now and so it's hard to remember that far back at times. This post is therefore a little self serving, if not verging on the egotistical, in that I will try to list the systems I have GMed, those I have played but not GMed, and those I have owned and read, but never given a test drive.

Systems I have GMed
AD&D 2nd edition
D&D 3rd edition
D&D 3.5
D&D Next (Playtest)
D&D 5th Edition
Open Legend
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying
Rolemaster (Shadow World)
Vampire the Dark Ages (White Wolf)
Fading Suns (non D20 version)
Fate Core
Post Replica (beta)
GURPS Discworld
DC Heroes
Dr Who (FASA edition)
Lord of the Rings (CODA rules, Decipher)
Middle Earth Roleplaying (ICE)
Babylon 5
Star Wars (WEG D6 system)

Named developer for:
Open Legend RPG

Contributor for:
Amaurea's Dawn (Open Legend Campaign Setting)

Systems I have played (*those where I have also owned a copy of the rules)
Twilight 2000
Basic Fantasy RPG*
Star Wars (West End Games)*
Vampire the Masquerade*
Werewolf the Apocalypse*
Freak Legion
Call of Cthulhu (Chaosium)*
7th Sea
Legend of the Five Rings*
7th Sea*
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Dark Heresy 2nd Edition*
Heroes Unlimited
Tales from the Floating Vagabond
Beyond the Supernatural*
Prime Directive
Star Trek (CODA)*

Systems I have owned but not yet played/run (some were read for research purposes)
All other D&D editions
Shadow of the Demon Lord
Trinity (White Wolf)
Timelords (BTRC)
Space Time (BTRC)
Castle Falkenstein
Dungeon World
Fantasy Age
HeroQuest 2
Hero Kids
Heroes Against Darkness
Ars Magica
Chivalry and Sorcery
Cypher system
Stars Without Number
Blood and Bone
USR (Unbelievably Simple Roleplaying)
Wildside Gaming System
Blade of the Iron Throne
A Song of Ice and Fire
Darker Dungeon
True D20
Swords and Wizardry
Labyrinth Lord
Pokemon RPG
Little Wizards

In the process of designing and beta testing the Shadow Catcher RPG system. To access the beta please check out here

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