Saturday, 30 March 2013

A Dark and Stormy Night

Well we've had our first session back playing 3.5 after a brief stint in 2nd edition (nostalgic, but a pain in the ass of a system). Having a group of 6 players again has reminded me how much harder it is to keep them all engaged as we play. Seems like adding more players increases the work load exponentially.

All round it was an interesting adventure (I hope). Stealing a premise from a stand alone adventure I managed to get round the all meeting in an Inn cliché and gave them all a reason to stick together. It was unfortunate that the sorcerer was the one to fall down the pit, as she didn't have many hit points to start with. But at least it added to the peril factor.

The damage reduction of some of the creatures threw up some difficulties for our gnome rogue however. As the small weapons just can't do anything if they are the wrong damage type. Could be that it was a good learning exercise for the players, as at least they have found out about DR early on, but I can't help but feel we might have to see what we can do to help the rogue feel helpless in these situations.

I was a bit sceptical about our sorcerer's spell choices, but in fact the use of colour spray and daze did help them in quite a few situations. I know the player got annoyed at a few creatures saving, but it's fair to say they may have prevented a few deaths with its use.

As a DM it's safe to say that you are always much happier when there players feel they may be at risk. This time round one character did almost die, but despite that they were still a bit gung-ho in their approach. Will have to see how well that works out for them all... just hope they don't expect me to save them.