Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Thoughts on the system

Due to a slightly random add on my twitter feed, I have just recently become aware of Brain Feister's Open Legends RPG system and it's got me thinking. Instead of using D&D or SotDL for my Sci-Fi twist on the fantasy genre, I'd really love to use this system. It's an open source project and looks to find the balance between the crunchy numbers game that some RPGs are(D&D being one of the most popular) while maintaining that story/narrative based flavour that many of us really enjoy(Dungeon World, Fate, Heroquest to name just a few).

Though it is based around the classic fantasy setting, it has stripped down the rules significantly, while leaving in elements that allow you to customise your character and roll lots of dice. All the things that satisfy the crunch obsessed people out there.

It's an ambitious goal but I think he may have pretty much cracked it. I hope to do a review of the game soon, but I really need to review Starguild first as I'm really taken by the setting and mechanics of this system (but not for the setting I'm currently developing).

More updates soon.

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